Thursday, May 2, 2013

Swapping With The Stars Open Casting! (Game)

So you've signed up for the open casting call for 'Swapping with the Stars' and why wouldn't you?

The producers already have a line-up of willing celebrity participants and decided to have a bit of fun with this opportunity.

Here are 12 choices. Whichever you pick will decide your swapping partner for the week. Have fun! Be Honest about your choice too ;-)

Just click one of the following links to begin!

Choice 1 

Choice 2 

Choice 3 

Choice 4 

Choice 5 

Choice 6 

Choice 7 

Choice 8 

Choice 9 

Choice 10 

Choice 11   

Choice 12 

Have fun in your borrowed body! I'm sure the viewing audience will!

Buffer zone annnndddd........

 100 posts! Huzzah! Thanks for all the support thus far! Hope I've been decent enough and will continue to be decent!


  1. I pick choice 11 so...Gwyneth Paltrow
    ^^ Funny I've just seen the moovi yesterday.

  2. I pick choice five.

    1. Then click the link and enjoy!

    2. I can deal with attires if it means getting paid to cover sports.

  3. Picked #4, wouldn't be my first choice.

  4. I pick number 10 and .... Wow .... I'm Beyonce. A dream come true. I can't be happier. I think Bootylicious is the first song I would perform.

  5. BTW, GREAT CONCEPT! Love the randomness factor that maybe you get what you want, maybe you don't. There were some choices I REALLY liked and some I wasn't too thrilled with, which is great.

    Here's another great site for this type of random game

    What I like to do is hit the random celebrity button 3 times. Then I get to choose which 1 of the 3 celebs I'd like to turn into every night for a week. If I don't like any of them; I can hit it once more, but then I am stuck with that body for a week no matter who it is.

  6. #7

    Older than I'd like (twice my current age!) but the clear schedule should make for a fun week.

  7. Sweet! I get to work at ESPN!

  8. Awesome concept! I picked 11 which is funny because I am not a fan of hers. Which makes for a way more interesting story doesn't it? This is going to be a long week.

  9. Looks like I'm swapping with AJ Lee, wouldn't have been my first choice but I won't say no :) I like this concept, hope you do more like it :)

  10. 8, so for me it'll be a week as Rose McGowan in her tight cloth. I think it gonna be interesting ^^

  11. OH!! I pick #3, I', swapping with Nicki Minaj. I will have a fabulous week!!!

  12. #9 - I used to think she was so cute, but I never wanted to be her! Totally not gonna be fun staying on her diet. I guess I'll be having fun being super skinny and pretty though...

    Side note - great job keeping up with the caption site. I know it can be tough to do as many caps as you're doing. I look forward to seeing so more cool, creative ideas in the future!

    1. Thanks! Means a ton coming from you.

      I actually owe most of the site views here to you. When you mentioned this place my views tripled. So thanks for spreading the 'virus'. Haha.

      I'll be back with new caps on monday!

  13. I picked #8 and look forward to an interesting week! Lol. Great idea!


  14. I was going back and forth wither to choose 6 or 8. At first I was a little disapointed not getting to have the accent but I'm glad I picked 8 and am ready for the "full expierence". Thought it icks me out that my new body hooked up with Marlyn Manson.

  15. Come make more of these.They are great:)

  16. Rose McGowan, it'll be a good week

  17. I know I'm late to this but whatever...
    Picked #2! Having to act might be a little annoying, but as long as I get plenty of down time with Elizabeth's body I couldn't care less. ;)

  18. Does this really work


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