Sunday, August 4, 2013

Short Hiatus (Sorry)


So um....'circumstances' are forcing me to take a quick hiatus from capping.
I shouldn't be gone more than a week. Hopefully. I guess this is what I get for all these caps!
Adele's body. Sheesh.

 Seriously though! I'll be back soon enough with caps and a few series continuations.
The request line is open as always while I'm gone. Feel free to request in the comment section or
shoot an e-mail over to . Pictures, Requests and even Suggestions are welcome.

Sorry for the absence! 


  1. We'll be waiting with bated breath... >:)

  2. You don't look too bad in her body ;) Hurry back soon. Take care!

  3. I trust all is well! We're looking forward to your return.


  4. Perhaps you should make a caption about a teenage boy who uses a transformation machine to morph into a duplicate of Melissa McCarthy!


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