Friday, February 14, 2014

A Word.

Alright. Not to bring down the mood of this whole site but I recently received a request and it really bothered me.

The request was to do a caption that involved rape. Specifically stated in the Request E-mail as well. I just have to put this out there now before anybody else has the same idea. I will never. Ever. Do any sort of caption with rape in it. It's a line that will not be crossed on this site.

If this news disappoints you in any way.....Well......I don't know what to tell you but it probably wouldn't be anything good.

No Rape Requests. Period.

Alright. Now onto way better things. Over the weekend I'm going to be taking all of the Randomizer volunteer names and choosing one to be the next one hit by the cursed device! If you wish to put your name in a hat, send an e-mail to or leave your e-mail address in the Randomizer comment section

On the subject of interaction and e-mails...........I'm accepting ideas or suggestions for the next big 'Interactive Game' post AAAAAAANNNNDDD......The next e-mail exclusive series is coming real soon! Keep an eye out!



  1. That's fine. It's kind of like my problem with using children in TG Captions. It's a very touchy subject and i think people who do that are sick (sorry if it seems like I'm generalizing)

  2. I completely agree. TG is somewhat perverted, but shouldn't go this far at all.
    As for the interactive, I'd love for it to be based around magic remote, maybe you accidentally sat on it, and got thrown into a random show.

  3. I feel the same way. Always consensual, no children, and nothing including beastiality

  4. nice decision ^^. Please,can you make a cap involving the 4 women of the nerds transformed ?(Drew Barrimore,Chyna...) Thank you for your work !! :DD

    1. Like how do you mean? One story with all 4 or eventually do caps of each woman?

    2. one story with all 4 please ^^ thanks for replying :'DDD

    3. Hm. That might be alittle hard to do. Don't know if I can promise that. Especially since it would defeat the purpose of the poll.

  5. Captions with children in are fine in my opinion as far as it involves a man transforming into a little girl or something along those lines. A clean caption too. But I agree, criminal offences such as rape have no place in any community.


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