Sunday, March 23, 2014

Caption Contest: Great Shift!

It's that time again!

Another Cap Contest is here and this time the theme is a bit of a classic subject.

The Great Shift!

Now if you somehow don't know what The Great Shift is, I recommend reading the OG stories from Fictionmania by the legendary Morpheus or even checking out all of the blogs around! Chances are there's a Great Shift story in there somewhere.

So here's all you need to do to enter the contest:
Make a caption dealing with Celebrities and The Great Shift. It can be any Celebrity you want obviously. You could even tell the story of a Celeb being placed into another body if you desire.  FTF or MTF whatever!
Go nuts!

You can enter up to 3 caps

Send all entries to CSwapCaps@Gmail.Com and I'll put you in the contest!

Deadline for entry is April 7th!

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