Thursday, January 14, 2016



  1. Sweett Jehosophat! I saw this yesterday and was hoping you were watching!

  2. Hi Celebswap. I'm a huge fan of you and your work! I wanted to know if you could do a th caption with a husband and a wife using the magic remote.
    Here's the gif I found and its Jessica Simpson

  3. I am a big fan of you and I was wondering if you can do a m2f caption for me.
    Here's my storyline idea so far...
    Sam couldn't believe what his girlfriend just told him! Only a day before he and Kaitlyn, his girlfriend, we're watching TV using they're new remote. They began to make out and began to have sex. Kaitlyn's back hit the TV remote and they jumped into the TV show they were watching. Sam was put in the body of Jessica Simpson and Kaitlyn was put in Jessica's boyfriend! They freaked out in the beginning, but their bodies hormones took over and they had sex! After that Sam and Kaitlyn went out to eat and started to like their lifestyle. Kaitlyn then explained to Sam that she did this on purpose, but the bodies they were in were supposed to be opposite of what they are. She then told him it was permanent and Sam's female hormones made him cry and he looked at his body knowing it was permanent. He thought of how much he loved having sex as a woman and he decided he'd try it seeing as he had no other choice.
    Here's my gif for you

  4. Yeah, if I swapped into 2 Broke Girls I'd rather be Max.


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