Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Looking for some feedback

Hey there!

Just doing another comment ask here.

I was wondering, what stories of mine did you really enjoy? Like pick out your favorites from the run of the blog and post them in the comments. I’m genuinely curious on what landed with you and why!

Could be the short stories, could be the long stories. Im just interested in hearing!


  1. One of my favorite series will always be swapping with the stars. Since it is always interesting to read how an everyday average Joe deals with the life of a celebrity.

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  2. I think one of the best exampkes is "regret". First off the picture choice was excellent, of My gave you something to look at while leaving something to the imagination. The length was a little short, but that's preferable to too long. Most importantly it left you wanting more. That doesn't always mean a cliff hanger, rather that the character's goal was reached(in which case you give some sensual description) or it wasn't(leave things out, it lets the audience fill in the gaps. 2hen in doubt cut it out. Because too much writing takes away from the picture

  3. Have variety, you could use reddit as a source. Maybe look into susie abromeit or Elizabeth Taylor Dudley. Keep up the good work!

    1. I was meaning like from this blog specifically

  4. Obviously all about costume gun
    Especially escape by sammig82 on fictionmania.tv

  5. crime ones, although they were rare they showed how very different and not innocent people could adjust and even enjoy the innocent lives and luxury of celebrities

  6. Ive always liked the magic remote

  7. I dont have any specifics, since not many people do celebrity tg like you so enjoy all ur caps.
    However, if i must pick one, I love the Plumber series

  8. I loved the pregnant caps that you did. I would have loved to have seen more (and for them to have had a tag so they were easy to track down)

  9. As you might know, I love ALL of your caps :-)
    But if I had to pick a particular theme, I'd take....the Randomizer. Probably because I had the chance to be a part of it on multiple occasions. And I loved every single one of it, haha!

  10. One of my faves was "Frosted". I'm a big fan of comics and comic book movies so when I read that cap I immediately fell in love with it. The idea of Logan being in the wrong body with new powers intrigued me and it was something I'd have interested to explore.

    Another one I enjoyed, also along the comic line was the Body Swap Crisis series. I think it's always fun to chang the status quo of heroes, but i think what was really interesting was the introduction of the villains also being involved in the swaps.

    There were many more, but those were two of my faves.

  11. I absolutely loved the randomizer caps. Allowing the people who enjoy your caps to partake in creating the cap is great! Though I enjoy all your caps :D

  12. I love the Magic Remote caps

  13. I'm a fan of interactive caps the most, I know they're tedious to make though.

  14. Ariana Grande Jessica alba Hilary duff Demi Lovato and Victoria justice and Selena Gomez ones

  15. I've always enjoyed any wrestling caps you've done

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Again I'm sorry about the whole Beth Chapman issue Celebswap I didn't mean to overstep the boundaries to far here. But what about Kristen Vangsness from Criminal Minds unless if theirs an "issue" with that?

  18. I really liked the interactive caps, swapping with the stars, and the randomizer.

  19. Honestly...? "The Shapeshift Gene" was my all-time favorite series.
    1) Cause Sofia Vergara is unbelievably sexy
    2) Because I love that its an accident and he can't turn back so he has to explain it to his family
    3) He has to go out and "act normal" as a woman, which is insanely hot to me for some reason
    4) Then he gets his "lil buddy" and stays a woman everywhere else. Trying to hide his junk while also wearing that absolutely luscious body?
    Damn I...I just love that caption!


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  23. hey miss you celeb hope your doing well. I know this was posted a long time ago but my favorite captions to chose by you is tough. but I gotta say really loved the swapping with the stars, and wrestling caps. My favorite cap by you was actually that nikki bella cap ruined and jealous I believe and my favorite series was maybe,maybe not. I believe was the title. anyways miss ya thanks for everything

  24. Magic remote and swapping with the stars

  25. You know Celebswap, I though that you were done on this blog due to a tragic death of your wife here along with the #metoo movement and feminism. But I swap a few of your post for Billie English and Anna Kendrick on your blogsite and I guess that I have nothing to say to you but welcome back.

  26. If anyone out there would make one I would love it

  27. You Probably might be busy Celebswap, but before the downfall have you ever though about doing a caption with Carly Foulkes (a.k.a. T-Mobile girl) or Milana Vayntrub (a.k.a. Lily Adams/AT&T girl)?

  28. Magic Remote series was great and original. I really enjoyed the ones where a group of younger guys swapped into older women...Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, and Cougar Town. Maybe some that could be more vintage like the one That Girl...Leave it to Beaver, Madmen, Donna Reed, etc...Your blog is awesome, thanks!


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