Saturday, December 4, 2021

Acknowledge Me



  1. Quite a nice body to end up in. I like the idea he has no clue who she was before. If Pro Wrestling wasn't his thing, then for sure would just think is some sexy athletic woman.

    One of the ladies of wrestling I'd not say no to finding myself in the body of.

  2. Even without changing his attitude he would stand out. In a sexy body like this :)
    Super hot caption!

  3. Not gonna lie, thought the cap was going to be about roman reigns swapping with Mandy rose due to the title lol. but this story is still really awesome and just as good as that would have been. especially love the way he got what he wanted in terms of leaving an impression on people, that aspect of the story in particular was really well done. the pic rocks, and for sure showcases just how confident he is now.


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