Sunday, July 6, 2014

Randomizer: Devin

I really love doing these Randomizers and getting feedback from the 'victim' on their new bodies.

Be a part of the madness! !


  1. Yes I love it!! Thanks. I liked how u put in that I had made a slight groan of short disappointment but decided to like it wen I seen watt I looked like in a mirror. Just wondering, do u do a two panel caption of the randomizer request?

  2. Not sure if u had received my last comment but I can tell u again. I loved it. Very nice and good way to end it how I would love the experience I really would too. I'm just curious, if u could would u make these randomizer captions a two panel caption or no? Because I would love to see how this continues

  3. I would love to be randomized ^^


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