Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Something Weird Happened.....

Okay... so this is gonna sound crazy, but...
I'm actually tehswitcher. o.o

I'd gotten a weird statue in the mail, 
which I thought my partner had ordered... but
after I opened it up and put it to the side, I started feeling weird and, well.

All of the sudden found myself in another person's room.
Even weirder - in this guy's body!

Long story short. It didn't take long for me to figure out,

the guy looking back at me in the mirror was CelebSwap.
(considering his Blogger profile was all laid out in front of me)

So... I'm gonna keep snooping around here until I figure out what to do.

But please bare with me!

-tehswitcher CelebSwap?


  1. Hay, it could have been much worse, you could have been swapped with a Non-CAPPer. I'm laughing - Maybe Madame Olga got tired of not getting credit for some of the work she did. Just think of this as a great research opportunity. >:)


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