Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ring Theory (Series)


  1. The ring disappeared?! This has so many ways to continue! Good job!

  2. You should continue the story!

  3. Howard has always wanted to get with penny you should do a follow up

  4. here is exactly why you should do a follow up. Bernadette is the most callous and un sympathetic member of the group. Unlike Amy who actually cares for penny, Bernadette would try to permanently steal penny's body. Why? Because with Bernadette's smarts exploiting Penny's "physicality", she could get anything and become even more successful than she already could be. Once Bernie realizes this she will (being the insensitive jerk she has been throughout the series) surely try everything to make the swap permanent. Howard will most likely go along because he is weak and wants to have sex with penny's body. If you decide to make a follow up based on this comment. I request that the following be the general scenario: Bernadette is initially just as freaked as penny and equally wants to swap back. The three decide to keep it secret until the swap is reversed (for obvious reasons), however once Bernadette realizes just how much more effective it is to seduce men into doing her agenda as apposed to intimidating everyone and making them hate her, she decides that it would be in her best interests to make the swap permanent. Howard is initially unsettled by the idea and against it, but once Bernadette demonstrates how she can seduce the university board into giving him more funding and gives him a night of awesome sex with penny's form, he comes around. The new "Penny" then uses her viral knowledge to make a non-contagious virus that addles the original penny's thinking so she can never tell. The new Penny then gets a doctorate and advances in both development and sales, shocks everyone by ditching Leonard, and marries Howard after he ditches the real Penny in Bernadette's brain damaged body. If you don't want them to get away with it which I don't, in the very last panel have Sheldon and Leonard find two new reversal rings online surprise the two conspirators and reverse the swap right before the real Penny is sent to a nursing home, leaving Bernie to suffer the consequences of her actions. Thanks and God bless.

    1. Oh man. Hahaha. You should get into cap making with a mind like that! Very detailed and thought out.


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