Thursday, March 21, 2013

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Taking Requests!

Here's the post for Requests! Just post a comment! Any celeb or situation you want and I'll make an attempt to fill it!

You can also submit requests by shooting an e-mail over tooooo:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Great Shift Hits! (Game)

Let's try something alittle different. Taking this concept from Martha's TG Caps. Hope it's alright!

It seems that The Great Shift is somewhat tied to your birthdate according to scientists that have been researching the event. How did The Shift affect you? Let's see!

January 1st - 15th (Katy Perry)


January 16th - 30th (Trish Stratus)


February 1st - 15th (Jennifer Lopez)


February 16th - 28th (Maggie Q)


March 1st - 15th (Kate Upton)

March 16th - 31st (Jillian Reynolds, Weather Woman)

April 1st - 15th (Kim Kardashian)


April 16th - 30th (Anne Hathaway)


May 1st - 15th (Christina Hendricks)


May 16th - 31st (Megan Fox)


June 1st - 15th (Stacy Keibler)


June 16th - 30th (Tina Fey)


July 1st - 15th (Miley Cyrus)


July 16th - 31th (Sofia Vergara)


August 1st - 15th (Beyonce)


August 16th - 31st (Christina Applegate)


September 1st - 15th (Catherine Zeta-Jones)


September 16th - 30th (Scarlett Johansson)


October 1st - 15th (Penelope Cruz)


October 16th - 31st (Selena Gomez)


November 1st - 15th (Jennifer Aniston)


November 16th - 30th (Kat Dennings)


 December 1st - 15th (Halle Berry)


December 16th - 31st (Angelina Jolie)

Enjoy your new shifted world! I got shifted into Jillian Reynolds. Crazy stuff! New caps coming in a day or so. Feel free to comment and share or gripe, hahaha.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


50th Post! Thank you all for following and commenting. I really hope I can continue to provide you all with these caps. I enjoy making them, hope you enjoy reading them!

Any suggestions, pictures or ideas? Feel free to shoot them over to!


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