Saturday, November 14, 2015

No Memory

By the way! If you wanna see me do a few 'non-celeb' related caps, check out you'll find some caps I did and some from a few other cappers!


  1. Nice cap, but I feel like it could've gone better if you did it a different way. I feel like the picture would've been better if it was about katy perry somehow tricking her rival/enemy celebs into using some kind of device or drinking something that made them become kids, like taylor swift being in one of those kids bodies, etc. Meanwhile the boys in the celebrities' bodies would have no idea what they're doing and then severely cripple the reputations of the celebrities they inhabited, like a horny boy being in taylor swift's body and other situations.

  2. Make another one? Maybe as a series too of how some boys ruin the female celebrities reputation (like maybe that could explain why miley Cyrus went down hill) and some are very successful ( like Taylor swift)?

    1. I dunno about that one. Wouldnt that require some jumping into celebs before they were famous?

  3. Yeah i see what you mean. I think just going with the original idea without the jumping into celebs before they were famous. But maybe it could still work as a series following what happens to the boys in the celeb bodies to ruin their reputations or maybe really like and get the hang of living their lives you know?


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