Saturday, December 7, 2013

Caption Contest: Swapping with The Stars!

Here we are! The first and hopefully not the last cap contest here on Celebbodyswap!

 CrestF :

Everitt & James :


TG FantasyBender :

Ryan P:

Aw Skeet

Amel1995 :

Lazy Ninjas :

Liz :

mBrad :

Vote for your winner on the poll over to the right! Hope you enjoy all of these! I know I have. Really overwhelmed by such a positive response to this contest.


  1. Hey, this was a really great series of CAPs! My favorite is the Tate v. Rousey brother v. sister grudge match! LOL This season of TUF made this CAP perfect!

  2. wow , I'm actually ahead in this cap contest!!!Thanks guys


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