Saturday, December 28, 2013

SWTS Diary (E-Mail Series)

 Here's the first e-mail series I did a month or two ago. Just in time for the second series to start.
There's still time to Opt-In for the second series! Cut-off is December 31st!

Send an E-mail over to if you want to receive the special caps.

NOTE: If you received the first series. You will have to opt-in again for the second!


  1. LOL excellent story & use ofp ics. Does he end up having sex with his old body in the next swap?

  2. Do the ones who already received this need to send another e-mail or not?

  3. Yes they do. Easier that way than to assume they want it again.

  4. Ah, the look on her face, in the last pic, was priceless! lol

  5. Maybe do a continuation with Nicki Minaj? Just an idea. Hope you see this considering this is a few months old


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